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Faith Food Distribution is a registered non-profit company that not only acknowledges the economic realities of the poor, but is also grounded in the belief that each person has inherent dignity and worth.

We collaborate with businesses, communities, charities and causes to provide food, care packages and financial assistance to meet basic human needs. We also support education, training and guidance to create self-sufficiency in the communities we serve.

What we do

Current world events are placing a heavy financial burden on businesses, individuals and families. We are still feeling the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown that has taken a big toll on wage earners, the homeless, business owners and the underprivileged. The negative impact of the pandemic has only been exacerbated by global conflicts, ailing economies, environmental disasters, social unrest and, closer to home, unreliable power supply. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable and innocent among us are bearing the brunt of these circumstances.


Who we have helped in the past few years

Single parents

People with disabilities

Children in need

The homeless

People who have lost their jobs

Those affected by environmental disasters

Blanket donations
to communities

Personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Food and supplies
to families in need

Financial support to organisations caring for vulnerable communities

Children suffering
from cancer

Financial support
to families in need

How can you help


Your donation helps us continue our work to uplift and support those that are less fortunate. Together we’re transforming the lives of communities and people in need ensuring their dignity stays intact.

No amount is too small!

Donations to Faith Food Distribution are tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Please contact us should you require a certificate.

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